Victoria Klibor

Systemische Coach CAS FH

Your coach for Career Transformation and Leadership Development

As an experienced coach, I guide you through professional transitions and support you in achieving your career goals. Specialized in career transition, outplacement, and leadership development, I am here to help you shape your professional journey successfully and purposefully.

Career Transition: Successfully navigating your next steps

Changes in professional life can be challenging, but they offer tremendous opportunities. Whether you are pursuing a new career direction, aiming for a higher position, or planning to become self-employed, I help you gain clarity on your goals and develop a customized plan. With solution-focused coaching sessions and practical tools, I support you in identifying and strategically utilizing your strengths to take your career to the next level.

Outplacement: Guidance through professional changes

Job terminations are often painful and fraught with uncertainty. My outplacement coaching provides you with professional support during this sensitive phase. Together, we will develop new perspectives and strategies for your career restart. From creating compelling application documents to preparing for interviews and successfully integrating into a new work environment, I will accompany you every step of the way.

Leadership Development: Strengthening the leader in you 

Effective leadership requires more than technical competence—it demands empathy, strong communication skills, and the ability to inspire and lead teams. In my leadership coaching, I focus on strengthening and developing your individual leadership abilities. Through customized coaching programs and practical training, I support you in realizing your full potential as a leader and motivating your employees to achieve their best.

Your path to success begins here

Whether you are looking to reorient your career, cope with a layoff, or enhance your leadership skills, I am your reliable partner on this journey. With empathy, expertise, and a clear strategy, I help you achieve your goals and grow professionally.

Contact me today for a non-binding initial consultation, and let us lay the foundation for your successful professional future together.